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Environmental Management

Environmental policy

ThreeBond Holdings Co.,Ltd.,ThreeBond Co.,Ltd.,ThreeBond Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.and ThreeBond Support Co.,Ltd. recognize that environmental protection is indispensable to sustainable economic growth, and take specific actions to protect the global environment and to maintain harmony with the regional environment.
  1. We recognize the effects that our activities, products, and services can have, and we endeavor to reduce the consumption of resources and energy and to reduce the emission of potentially harmful substances into the environment.
  2. We continuously strive to improve our environmental management system and to prevent pollution.
  3. We abide by legal requirements, and we observe other requirements subscribed to by interested parties.
  4. We establish and maintain environmental objectives and targets, execute them, and review them periodically in operating our environmental management system.
  5. This policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of ThreeBond, and is available to the public.
  Certification No. Certification authority
ThreeBond Co.,Ltd JQA-EM5357 JQA
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ThreeBond Co.,Ltd.
ThreeBond Co.,Ltd. Headquarters
ThreeBond Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
ThreeBond Support Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Logistics Center
ThreeBond Support Co.,Ltd. Okayama Logistics Center
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