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The Impact of Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami

Dear Valued Customers,
ThreeBond doesn't have any damage of our Plant and logistic building, any missing persons and any killed and injured due to Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami. Our plants and logistic center are in Kanagawa and Saitama, not in Tohoku area. Now we try to recover the stabilization, though it is affected to save the raw material, manpower and logistics method.
We would like to report the current situation on production and distribution below.

[ Our Plants ]
Our main plants in Kanagawa and Okayama have no effect by the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami. We can continue to make production. There is sufficient stock of major raw materials in the warehouse to meet the immediate production needs. We are currently gathering information from our raw material suppliers on the impact of this disaster to their supply and distribution.
However as you may know, Japan is implementing the plan of rolling blackouts after 15th March based on area and time. It may affect production and logistic schedule accordingly.

[ Logistic ]
The logistic from our stock center in Saitama to ports/airports is still busy. Though now it does not cause the huge disruptions, the logistic delay will be occurred by the plan of rolling blackouts.

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