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Fast Curing, Heat Source Removal

2-Part Rapid Curing Elastic Adhesive

Product Name

ThreeBond 3955・3955B

ThreeBond 3955・3955B is a two-component, room temperature, quick curing elastic adhesive.
Once mixed, it immediately begins to react, and it cures without requiring any special hardening device.
Once cured, it becomes an elastic adhesive with excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance.

Product concept

Mixing two components allows for quick adhesion. This can shorten the process and eliminate a heat source device.


  • Bonding and securing motors, sensors, and various electrical parts of automobiles


1. It is easy to use and it excels in various properties.

(1) Method comparison

(2) Comparison of two component, room temperature vulcanizing types

ThreeBond 3955 Discharge image

2. It has excellent curing property

(1) Curable(2) Pot life

3. It has excellent durability

Heat resistance: 150℃Moisture resistance: 85℃,85%RH

Test conditions / Test piece preparation method

Properties and characteristics

ThreeBond 3955

ThreeBond 3955B

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.

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