We believe that aiming to reach the top in sports is similar to the spirit of ThreeBond manufacturing.
ThreeBond supports sports activities and will open up a new frontier by transferring technology into innovative creation.


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In 2020, ThreeBond Racing participated in Super Formula, Japan’s top-end formula car race, in partnership with DragoCORSE led by Ryo Michigami. The team is making efforts to go for the top with Colombian female driver Tatiana Calderón, who had worked as a test driver at F1 Alfa Romeo Racing.


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In 2021, the company continues the sponsor four professional golf players Tze-Chung Chen, Jiyai Shin, Ayano Yasuda, and Naruha Miyata, and support their challenges in becoming top money winners.


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With a slogan of “Our hearts bond into one ball”, ThreeBond Baseball Team aims to become No.1 in Japan in rubber-ball baseball.