About ThreeBond

Company introduction video

Since the founding of ThreeBond, our desire has been "to prevent the leakage of precious energy."
Today, ThreeBond products are used in a wide variety of fields, including automotive-related, transportation equipment, Public Industrial Material, construction and building materials, electrical and electronics, and high technology fields.
We would like to provide an overview of our history and ThreeBond's business activities.

Four Key Points about ThreeBond

  • ThreeBond's "three" refers to
    the 3 principles

    Our founding principles consist of three phrases with "work" as the keyword. With work as the starting point, we will develop technologies that will contribute to global society and humankind in the future while cultivating the growth of our employees.

    Management Principles

  • Customers' issues leading to
    product development

    Inheriting the spirit of "preventing loss," which is the starting point of our business, ThreeBond's product development starts by responding to the many issues that our customers have raised. We propose new and unique solutions by making full use of our research and development capabilities and creative thinking that we have cultivated over the years. By overcoming our customers' issues, we lead the way to a world of another dimension.

    ThreeBond Made to Order

  • R&D Center
    Continuing the Challenge to Creating New Values

    The R&D Center (Laboratory) was established in April 2012 in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa. It is fully equipped with top-class machinery and research and analysis equipment for sealants and adhesives. Emphasis is placed on free thinking and inspiration that are indispensable for R&D, and free and open discussions are the driving force in a fully open environment. While striving to reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental issues, we will take on the challenge of creating products with new value.

    Latest Technology/Material Information

  • Environmental safety is
    the responsibility of living in a global society

    In addition to striving to improve the quality of our chemical products, we continue to carry out corporate activities that take into consideration the preservation and harmony of the global environment. This concept is based on our environmental policy, which recognizes that environmental conservation is essential for sustainable economic development. This policy applies to the activities, products, and services of ThreeBond's offices, and covers all areas of activity from design and development to manufacturing and sales.

    Environmental Management