ThreeBond is always
by your side.

ThreeBond has been in business for 69 years. We do not exactly stand out,
but our products are used in many items around you.
We will continue to move forward
together with the development of Japanese industry.

About ThreeBond

Made to Order

We develop unique products in-house
while staying close to our customers.

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For the Future

Meeting the needs
of the world

ThreeBond has a regional system with six bases which are in Japan, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and China area.
We have set up production plants all over the world and are working to improve services on a global level
so that we can provide a large number of products that meet the needs of our customers in a stable and high-quality manner.


For the development of a sustainable society,
we will work with consideration for the conservation of the global environment 
and in harmony with the local environment.
Introducing product development and social contribution initiatives
that emphasize quality and environmental protection.

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