3TS: ThreeBond Testing Standard

About 3TS

3TS is the ThreeBond Testing Standard developed in accordance with the international ISO standards, JIS*1 which is established based on the Japanese Industrial Standardization Act, and various other national and industrial standards from around the globe. In addition, in order to ensure the characteristics of the product, we have established a unique 3TS standard that is not covered in ISO*2 standards or JIS.
The standardization of test methods ensures the reproducibility and reliability of the data measured by the ThreeBond Group.

  1. JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
  2. ISO: International Organization for Standardization

3TS Numbering Method

The 3TS number consists of a 4-digit number followed by a 3-digit number.
The 4-digit number indicates the test method classification, and the 3-digit number indicates the auxiliary number.

Test method

[Physical property measurement] Viscosity measurement 3TS-2F00-001, 002, 003

Explanation of viscosity measurement using a B-type viscometer

[Physical property measurement] Flow curve measurement 3TS-4200-001

Explanation of flow curve measurement using a rheometer

[Destructive testing] Tensile lap-shear strength test 3TS-4100-01□

Explanation of tensile lap-shear strength

[Destructive testing] T-peel test

Explanation of T-peel test method