Offices/Affiliated Companies

Domestic Offices

By utilizing our network spread throughout the country, ThreeBond conducts its business with a system that can meet the customers' needs quickly.
We generally conduct "one-on-one sales" and "sales based on proposal," and we maintain our "customers come first" attitude to resolve their issues together from the customers' perspective.

Overseas Offices

ThreeBond had its eyes on overseas from its early days. We opened up a Los Angeles Expat Office in 1970, followed by the establishment of local companies in the USA, Brazil, and France.
In order to provide services as a global supplier to satisfy our customers, we are establishing a network based on six regions around the world that include Japan, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and China.

Affiliated Companies

ThreeBond strives to improve its services to customers through its affiliates, including a trading affiliate with import and export sales business and trading company functions, a construction affiliate engaged in various construction and material development and sales businesses using synthetic resins, and a logistics affiliate engaged in shipping and transportation through a flexible logistics network.