Electronics Market

There is also demand for high-performance sealants and adhesives that meet demand in cutting-edge manufacturing for smaller, thinner, and higher-function electronic products, along with adhesives with special functions including electrical conduction, heat dissipation, and vibration resistance. We respond to these needs that arise in products, such as in smartphones, wearable terminals, lithium-ion secondary batteries, cameras, and motors, with the development of advanced products that require high technology innovation. We open up a new world for the next-generation electrics and electronics market.

Electronics Market Products

Smartphones and Wearable Devices

Cover panel edge surface coating
Cover panel peripheral adhesion
Attaching cover panels/touch sensors/display panels
FPC reinforcement
Grounding of display panels
Bonding vibration motor magnets
Case waterproofing CIPG
IC heat dissipation
Camera modules
Bonding lenses
Bonding plate spring and magnets of actuators
Bonding and sealing actuator parts
Actuator vibration absorption
Bonding IR cut filters
Bonding sensors
Grounding sensors
FPC reinforcement
Earphones and headphones


Brushless DC motor, inner rotor type
Brushless DC motor, outer rotor type (FAN)
Bonding parts of FAN (impeller/blade)
Magnet bonding
Bearing bonding

Electronic parts

Lead wire sealing
Silicone potting
Electromagnetic shielding
Crystal device
Fixing crystal part connections
IC die-bonding
Thermistor underfill

These are only a few of the products we offer.
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