Public Industrial Material Market

We have contributed to the manufacturing industry of the entire world by providing a wide range of products, from those medical, infrastructure-related, and construction-related, and for consumers, including sealants, UV-curable resins, instant adhesives, epoxy resins, and cleaners. In addition to our current line of products, which comply with all standards, we are currently working to develop products that comply with ISO 10993 (a biological evaluation for medical devices), environmentally friendly plant-based adhesives to stop making petroleum-based products, and products that satisfy the environmental regulations of each country.

Public Industrial Material Market Products


Injection needles, indwelling needles, butterfly needles
Bonding of needle and needle hub
ThreeBond 3094
ThreeBond 3094F
ThreeBond 3094G
ThreeBond 2202C
IV tubes and medical tubes
Bonding of connector and tube
ThreeBond 1773E
ThreeBond 3171C
Bonding of axis and sponge
ThreeBond 1771M
ThreeBond 7797
Fixing lenses
ThreeBond 2202C
Healthcare (smartwatches, blood pressure monitors)
Waterproofing and sealing cases
ThreeBond 1530C

Railways and Trains

Screw fastening on wipers
ThreeBond 1401
Water and dust, etc. sealing
ThreeBond 1207F
ThreeBond 1215
ThreeBond 1216
ThreeBond 5211
Front/Passenger Compartment
Dirt-proof and water repellent coating on windows
ThreeBond 2907D
Train body
Corrosion prevention and repairs for roofs and underflooring
ThreeBond 2008/2108B
ThreeBond 2045/2145
ThreeBond 2086M
ThreeBond 6102
ThreeBond 6161
Anti-corrosion and lubrication around moving parts
ThreeBond 1807B
Cleaning gearbox and trolley
ThreeBond 6651F


Repairing fluid leakage from conduit pipes
ThreeBond 4550D
Sealing city gas piping screw parts
ThreeBond 4320B
Anti-corrosion sealing on pipe end surface and threaded parts for lining steel pipe
ThreeBond 4221
ThreeBond 4221B
ThreeBond 4230
Sealing on screw parts of water supply piping
ThreeBond 4221
ThreeBond 4221B
ThreeBond 4230


General sealing of piping screw parts
ThreeBond Tape
Cleaning machine parts
ThreeBond 2706
Anti-corrosion and lubrication of equipment and machinery
ThreeBond 1807B
ThreeBond 1821B
Sealing on flange surface and threaded parts
ThreeBond 1215
Fixing and sealing screw bolts on equipment and machinery
ThreeBond 1305N
Various repairs, puncture filling, adhesion of moist surface
ThreeBond 2083L

Antibacterial and Antiviral

Elevators, conference rooms, shared cars, air-conditioning
Photocatalytic sprays
ThreeBond 6731
ThreeBond 6732
ThreeBond 6733
ThreeBond 6735
Fabric and Leather Products
ThreeBond 2907E

These are only a few of the products we offer.
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