For medical devices: Healthcare (Smartwatches and blood pressure monitors)

One-component moisture-curable elastic adhesive PICK UP

  • Public Industrial Material Market

    Used for infrastructure, construction, and general machines.

  • Compliant to ISO10993

    ISO10993 compliance testing (biocompatibility testing).

  • Elastic adhesives

  • Excellent Resin adhesion

  • Flexibility

  • Moisture-curing

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Features / Technology

  • It can be used to waterproof and protect wearable products such as smartwatches and blood pressure monitors.
  • Good adhesion to various materials such as metal, plastic and rubber.
  • Since it is a one-component, solvent-free adhesive, it has excellent safety and workability.
  • We conduct ISO10993 compliance testing (biocompatibility testing).

Complete product lineup

You can choose the product according to the application and production line, such as ThreeBond 1533 F which has good adhesion with PP which is a hard adhesive material, and ThreeBond 1539B which can shorten the curing time by heating.

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