For medical devices: Dialysis needle, anesthesia needle, winged needle

Epoxy compound resin PICK UP

  • Public Industrial Material Market

    Used for infrastructure, construction, and general machines.

  • Compliant to ISO10993

    ISO10993 compliance testing (biocompatibility testing).

  • Heat curing

  • High strength

  • Low temperature heat-curing

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Features / Technology

  • Low temperature fast curing type, it can be used for dialysis needles, anesthesia needles, and winged needles.
  • Epoxy compound resin is highly durable and can be sterilized.
  • We conduct ISO10993 compliance testing (biocompatibility testing).

One-component curing epoxy resin; ThreeBond 2202C

ThreeBond 2202C Properties

One-component curing epoxy resin; ThreeBond 2202C can be cured at low temperatures (80℃), reducing the impact on components and internal equipment.

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