Quality Management

ThreeBond Group quality assurance system

(as of June 2021)
To make sure that the products we supply satisfy our customers, all of the companies in the ThreeBond group maintain quality management systems and define the responsibility of quality control in each division.

Fundamental Policy for Quality Management Activities

We, the members of ThreeBond Group, create and provide high quality products and services based on our own original ideas throughout all segments of our business activities, including development, procurement, production, logistics and marketing, in order to fulfill the expectations of our customers and garner trust.

  1. We shall strive to develop and provide our products and services by fully understanding our customers' requirements. In addition to development, we shall make further improvements in those areas.
  2. In order to satisfy our customers and meet their requirements, we shall maintain and improve the quality of our products based on the Quality Management System that conforms to ISO 9001.
  3. We shall provide accurate and appropriate information while we develop products that are guaranteed to be safe and environmentally friendly.
  4. We shall take steps to procure raw materials in order to implement stable product quality and supply.
  5. Each member of ThreeBond Group shall realize his/her responsibility for our business activities and shall strive to supply high-quality products and services.
Certification No..
ThreeBond Co., Ltd  ISO9001-00043601

Applied Organizations:
ThreeBond Co.,Ltd. ThreeBond Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. ThreeBond Support Co.Ltd.