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diverse needs

ThreeBond has more than 1,600 products.
This number, 1,600, provides testament that ThreeBond has continued to meet the various needs of its customers.
Based on our "Customer First" policy, we contribute to the improvement of productivity and quality of our customers' products through our strength in product development and our domestic and international network.


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  • "I want to ensure the design of the product"

    We will change the color of the adhesive to match the product so that the joints are not noticeable.

  • "I want to reduce costs"

    Achieve cost reduction through products that utilize our own technology.

  • "I want to bond parts that get hot"

    We propose heat-resistant adhesives that can be used according to the situation, such as electronic parts and in-vehicle parts.

  • "I want to bond parts that cannot be soldered"

    We propose conductive adhesives that can be used for parts with low heat resistance such as resin.

  • "I want to optimize the adhesive capacity"

    We will commercialize the product with the optimum capacity without waste for the customer.

ThreeBond Made to Order

Three Strengths


Support from sales engineers

Our sales engineers, who have specialized knowledge and know-how regarding products, accurately grasp the issues and requests of our customers in product development and propose optimal solutions. Because ThreeBond has no barriers between sales and R&D, it is possible to solve problems quickly.


Research and development that makes full use of technology

The basic stance of ThreeBond is to provide optimal products for our customers' technological innovation and production technology. Based on our track record of conducting research and development to add special functions in response to various needs, we provide products that capture technological trends and changes in each industry.


Contributing to global production

ThreeBond has overseas bases in North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, China area, and South Korea, and has production plants in each region. We provide products to our customers through a high-quality and stable production system that utilizes our global network.

Cooperation between four divisions

At ThreeBond, all divisions in Japan and overseas, from research and development to production, quality control, and sales, work together as a team to establish a system that can accurately respond to customers' requests.

  • Research and Development Department

    We will realize the idea of "Give 100 times as much profit to the customer as they pay for the product" by developing new technologies based on our accumulated know-how. By sharing various information and technologies in our development database and using them as a new foundation, we provide better products to our customers and to society.

  • Sales Division

    We are responsible for inquiries from customers on technical topics, prices, quality, and legal matters, as well as follow-up after product supply. With our "Customer First" policy, we build a strong relationship with our customers based on face-to-face sales to find better solutions.

  • Production Division

    With 8 domestic and 15 overseas production and processing bases, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our domestic bases, which have specialized production and supply systems in the east and west, and our overseas bases, which operate according to production plans that match the trends of their respective markets, use an organic network to improve service and quality.

  • Quality Assurance Division

    We will check whether the level is satisfactory to our customers and ensure a stable supply. In addition, we maintain a management system that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, with emphasis on chemical compounding management, production process management, work environment management, and product storage and material management.

Inquiry form

Steps to delivery

  1. 1


    Our sales engineers will listen to your issues and requests, and confirm the requirements for product development to solve them.

  2. 2

    Product Planning

    Based on the specific requirements confirmed through repeated meetings, we examine the product specifications and costs.

  3. 3

    Research and Development

    We carry out research and development of technologies and materials that are indispensable for realizing products that meet the needs of our customers.

  4. 4


    In order to confirm that the performance of the developed products meet the standards and specifications required by the customer, tests are conducted by both ThreeBond and the customer

  5. 5


    Once the product is completed to the customer's satisfaction, it is manufactured under strict quality control at our own factories in Japan and overseas. We can flexibly respond to the deadlines required by our customers.

  6. 6


    From our three distribution centers in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Okayama, we can deliver to your designated destination quickly and safely.

The sales engineers will explain the process in more detail at the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are online meetings also possible?


Yes, they are possible. We will make arrangements based on your request. Firstly, please contact us using the inquiry form.


What kind of information do you need when I want to inquire about products?


First of all, please tell us about the intended use and any required characteristics. Based on these details, our sales engineers will ascertain any further information necessary to initiate the made-to-order process.


Is the made-to-order process available for just one product?


Firstly, please contact us using the inquiry form. If it is difficult to make, please be assured that we will select the most suitable product for you from our product lineup of more than 1,600 items.