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    • Environment-friendly adhesive that has received the "Biomass Mark (biomass degree: 45%)" certification from the Japan Organics Recycling Association.
    • Cures in seconds to several tens of seconds under irradiation with UV light.
    • Low viscosity and easy to use.
    • Excellent adhesion to glass, plastics, metals, etc.
    • Curable with UV-LED (365 nm).

    ThreeBond 1110F

    Liquid gasket of anaerobic type

    • Quick sealing
    • High strength type
    • Since the non-solvent liquid gasket does not require open time, parts can be tightened immediately after it is applied.
    • Clean finish without dripping after application

    ThreeBond 1121

    Liquid gasket

    • Non-solvent type non-drying gasket.
    • Coated surfaces can be easily removed, and working efficiency is improved.

    ThreeBond 1141G

    Aqueous type liquid gasket

    • Aqueous type gasket sealant not harmful to working environment.
    • It does not affect almost all rubbers or plastics.
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • It can be used together with solid gaskets.
    • Heat curable olefin-based resin having excellent gas barrier property and low moisture permeability.
    • Excellent moisture resistance, acid resistance, and coolant resistance.
    • Excellent compression properties.
    • Heat curing in a short time (30 min at 150℃)
    • Excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance
    • Suitable for moderate thixotropic potting applications

    ThreeBond 1158

    Acrylic-based liquid gasket

    • Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance ensuring satisfactory rubber-like elasticity in a wide range of -30 to 150 C
    • Excellent oil resistance
    • Dealcoholized type of sealant having no corrosiveness to metals or unpleasant odor
    • Paintable type
    • Non-sag type
    • Dealcoholized and less corrosive to metals
    • Non-sag product (Type with reduced sagging)
    • Non-silicone product not intentionally containing low molecular weight siloxanes (D4-D10)
    • Not intentionally containing organotin compounds (Complying with the REACH Regulation)

    ThreeBond 1171G

    Sealant For Batteries

    • As a one-component liquid, stirring and weighing are not necessary
    • Has high stability to various non-aqueous electrolytes.
    • Forms a low moisture permeable film.
    • Has excellent adhesion because the dried film is a flexible adhesive.
    • Not containing phthalate ester.

    ThreeBond 1184

    Liquid gasket (gray)

    • Good padding property It shows an excellent sealing effect even on bonded surfaces with poor flatness and large clearance.
    • Excellent resistance to vibration and impact After applied and dried, it forms a rubber-like elastic body and exhibit excellent resistance to vibration and impact.
    • Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. It keeps stable rubber elasticity in a wide temperature range from -40°C to 150°C.
    • Excellent resistance to water and oil.
    • Effective in preventing leak from threaded portions