Auto Aftermarket

In understanding the wishes of car owners to maintain their beloved cars' beautiful appearance even longer, we have extended our line of auto aftermarket products to the global level. We provide a wide range of products for the cosmetics and maintenance of automobiles, including coatings (for the body, interior, and the water repellency of window panes) and anti-corrosion agents for the car body (undercarriage), sold by car dealers. Including the highly functional and durable Ultra series, we have always fully utilized cutting-edge technology when sending products to the market.

Auto Aftermarket Products

Body coating
Long-lasting protection of the body with a tough glass film
Body coat
Exterior coating
Water-repellent coating with superior durability
Window coating
Coating with excellent durability and workability
Headlight coating
Coating that protects parts from rust over extended periods of time
Interior coating
Protects interior equipment of various materials
Deodorizing, antibacterial, and antiviral effects even under the slightest light levels
Visible light responsive-type photocatalytic spray
Maintenance Chemicals
Chemical products suited to the purpose of use
Maintenance Chemicals

These are only a few of the products we offer.
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