ThreeBond 1539B

Single Component Low Temperature Fast Curing Elastic Adhesive

  • Automotive Market

    Used for vehicle powertrains and electrical components, construction machines, and marine vessels.

  • Electronics Market

    Used for electrical appliances such as mobile phones and computers.

  • Public Industrial Material Market

    Used for infrastructure, construction, and general machines.

  • Elastic adhesives

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Flexibility

  • Heat curing

  • Low molecular circular siloxane

  • Moisture-curing

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Features / Technology

  • Single component low temperature fast curing (in 1 min or more at approx. 60°C) type * The curing conditions vary depending on the heat capacity of the parts used
  • Use of plant-derived polymer as main component
  • Elastic in wide temperature range (-35°C to 100°C)
  • Excellent adhesion to various materials
Main component Urethane prepolymer
Exterior White
Viscosity 100Pa・s


Various materials

Bonding, sealing and potting

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