Sealant featuring ATF® resistance

Two-component Heat-curable Acrylic Sealant for Automotive Electrical Components

ThreeBond 1157(Agent A) / 1157(Agent B)


Sealant featuring ATF® resistance

ThreeBond 1157 is an acrylic sealant with ATF® resistance and an amazingly high levels of adhesion when it comes to engineering plastics. In recent years, electric vehicles have become popular in response to requests for carbon neutrality and other measures to reduce environmental impacts. In addition, amid a situation where we are seeing demand for higher efficiency in various automotive components, sealing with ATF® (which is used not only for the lubrication of power transmission parts, but also as cooling oil) is possible. It also provides excellent resin adhesiveness for the switch to resin undertaken for the purpose of reducing weight and implementing environmental measures.


  1. 1 Sealant featuring ATF® resistance

    Can be used for the lubrication of power transmission parts and sealing of ATF® used in cooling oil

  2. 2 For on-vehicle electrical components

    Features excellent heat resistance and can protect and seal various types of automotive motor components.

  3. 3 Curing is possible at low temperatures and in a short period of time

    Since it is a two-component, heat-curing-type product and can be cured in a short amount of time, it can be expected to improve work efficiency.

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