Liquid gasket featuring excellence in terms of adhesion properties when it comes to engineering plastics

Deacetone-type one-component RTV silicone-based sealant

ThreeBond 1207K


ThreeBond 1207K is a deacetone-type, one-component, moisture-curing, silicone-based sealant which features improved cooling liquid resistance. It is part of the ThreeBond 1200 series, which is a series of products widely used as sealants for ECUs and inverter cases. It also features excellent adhesion when it comes to engineering plastics, which are widely used in automotive parts.


  1. 1 Good adhesion when it comes to resin material

    High levels of adhesion when it comes to PPS, PBT and PA66, and excellent adhesion and sealing when it comes to resin cases, such as those for inverters and ECUs

  2. 2 Good coolant resistance

    Superior cooling liquid resistance makes it suitable for water sealing, such as for water pumps and PCUs

  3. 3 Automation of operations

    In a situation where challenges in securing operators are increasing due to declines in the productive-age population, it can serve as an alternative for solid gaskets, enabling the automation of operations.