Non-silicone sealant that’s ideal for lithium-ion batteries

Non-silicone Sealant for Automotive Electrical Components(Type providing flame retardant characteristics)

ThreeBond 1167


Non-silicone sealant that’s ideal for lithium-ion batteries

ThreeBond 1167 is a one-component, moisture-curing, non-silicone sealant. The chief constituent is a special polymer containing silyl groups. It reacts with a small amount of moisture in the air and hardens. After curing, the rubber elastic material demonstrates excellent heat resistance, oil resistance and moisture resistance, and provides flame resistance (equivalent to UL94 V-0). Since there is no low-molecular-weight siloxane used, there is no risk of electrical contact failure involved.


  1. 1 Vehicle fire countermeasure

    Suitable for sealing lithium-ion battery packs thanks to its flame retardant properties, which are equivalent to UL94 V-0.

  2. 2 Measure against electrical contact failure

    One-component, room-temperature-curing type sealant featuring high levels of durability and which serves as a product functioning as a countermeasure against electric contact failure

  3. 3 Automation of operations

    In a situation where challenges in securing operators are increasing due to declines in the productive-age population, it can serve as an alternative for solid gaskets, enabling the automation of operations.

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