ThreeBond 1208

One-component room temperature curable silicone rubber PICK UP

  • Automotive Market

    Used for vehicle powertrains and electrical components, construction machines, and marine vessels.

  • Excellent Heat resistance

  • Flexibility

  • Incombustible

  • Moisture-curing

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Features / Technology

  • This is a white type adhesive sealant for electric and electronic devices. It is a medium-viscosity fluid paste.
  • It is the acetone type, so there is no corrosiveness with metals, and almost no influence on plastics.
  • It has excellent adhesion with metals, glass, and plastics.
  • It can be used at a temperature range of -60°C to 250°C (approx.), and for continuous use, the heat resistance is about 180°C.
  • It has excellent electric insulation.
Main component Silicone
Exterior White
Viscosity 55.0Pa·s


In-vehicle motor case


Electrical and electronic components

Bonding and Sealing

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