ThreeBond 1773E

Instant adhesive with light-curing property PICK UP

  • Automotive Market

    Used for vehicle powertrains and electrical components, construction machines, and marine vessels.

  • Electronics Market

    Used for electrical appliances such as mobile phones and computers.

  • Public Industrial Material Market

    Used for infrastructure, construction, and general machines.

  • Auto Aftermarket

    Used for auto aftermarket products.

  • Fast Curing

  • Instant adhesive

  • Moisture-curing

  • UV curing

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Features / Technology

  • The light-curing property developed by the proprietary technology of Three Bond is added to the properties of existing instant adhesives.
  • Overflow of the adhesive can be cured by irradiation with light.
  • Since the adhesive penetrating between the substrates quickly cures, jigs for temporarily securing parts are not required.
  • Blushing can be prevented by irradiation with light.
  • Under irradiation with light, the adhesive can be used as a filler adhesive, which is difficult to do with existing instant adhesives.
Main component Cyanoacrylate
Exterior Clear yellow
Viscosity 150mpa・s


Electric, electronic, optical and general parts that are required to be free from blushing

Securing and bonding

Optical lens supports

Securing and bonding

Various light-shielding nonmetallic materials

Securing and bonding

Printer heads and bearings


Medical tube, connector

Securing and bonding

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