ThreeBond 3177

Light-curing adhesive (with moisture curability)

  • Electronics Market

    Used for electrical appliances such as mobile phones and computers.

  • Public Industrial Material Market

    Used for infrastructure, construction, and general machines.

  • Excellent Resin adhesion

  • Fast Curing

  • Instant adhesive

  • UV curing

  • Visible Light curing

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Features / Technology

  • The resin cures under irradiation with UV light or visible light for several to several tens of seconds.
  • The single-component adhesive need not be mixed prior to use.
  • It is curable with light and moisture. It can be cured quickly with moisture on light blocking materials (metallic and colored materials) and with UV or visibl
  • Compared to general UV-curing adhesives, the adhesive can be cured at a lower UV dose (10 kJ/m2 ).
  • Excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance.
Main component Acrylate
Exterior Yellow to transparent yellow green
Viscosity 1200mPa・s


Light blocking materials (metallic and colored materials and plastics containing UV light absorber

Fixing and bonding

Substrates which must be protected from heat damage

Fixing and bonding

Supporting parts around optical lenses

Fixing and bonding

Decorative materials

Fixing and bonding

Parts which must be resistant to moisture and water


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