ThreeBond 7797

Gold Label series multi-primer for instantaneous adhesives

  • Automotive Market

    Used for vehicle powertrains and electrical components, construction machines, and marine vessels.

  • Public Industrial Material Market

    Used for infrastructure, construction, and general machines.

  • Primer

  • Solvent volatilization

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Features / Technology

  • It dries quickly and has high workability.
  • It can be easily applied with a brush, absorbent wadding, cloth or swab.
  • It is applicable to all instantaneous adhesives of TB1700 Series and TB7700 Series
Main component Amine compounds
Exterior Clear and transparent


Hard-to-bond material (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyacetal, polytetrafluoroethylene and silicone rubber) parts with instantaneous adhesives

Pretreatment before bonding or securing

Product video

"瞬間接着剤用マルチプライマー ThreeBond 7797 使用方法をご紹介"

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