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About anaerobic adhesives

1. Characteristics of anaerobic adhesives

What is "ANAEROBIC" of anaerobic adhesives ?

Generally "anaerobic" may sound unfamiliar, but this literally means "without air", in other words, anaerobic adhesives? Removal of air (oxygen) is required for adhesives to cure.

Along with "Removal of air", there is another requirement for the anaerobic adhesives to cure. That is Contact with a metal. In other words, the adhesives do not cure without metal.

Other characteristics (advantages)

Anaerobic adhesives have the following advantages:

One-part nonsolvent

・ Does not require blending, and is easy to handle.
・ Non-solvent, environmentally-friendly type

Fast curing

・ Quickly cures at a room temperature.

Next, let's see the process where an anaerobic adhesive cures.

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2. Curing method of anaerobic adhesives

Composition of an anaerobic adhesive

An anaerobic adhesive contains a component called "monomer", that occupies about 95%, and a bonding catalyst for metal that occupies about 5%, and other few components.

The component that starts bonding to a metal is called "Reaction initiator."

While it contacts air, The reaction doesn't take place yet.

However, if air is removed

"Reaction initiator" acts as a trigger and the curing starts.

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3. Applications of anaerobic adhesives

Curing property is different depending on the kind of metals.

I already explained that anaerobic adhesives best suit the adhesion of two metals, but the curing speed and strength depend on the kind of metals. See the chart below.

Relation between adhesive strength and clearance

In fitting, the size of clearance (gap) greatly affects the adhesive strength.
See the chart below.

Real applications they best suit

Anaerobic adhesives are used for metals, however, considering their characteristics I explained above, they best suit the following two uses:

Caution when using them plastics

Anaerobic adhesives are generally used for metals, however some of them can be used for plastics.
However, sufficient care must be taken, as it may occur, depending on the material.

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Anaerobic adhesives are adhesives for metals, and they quickly cures at room temperature. Best suitable uses are relatively restricted, however, this type of adhesive will continue to be indispensable as far as the bonding of metals is needed.

We, ThreeBond, will always make efforts to offer products that would best suit your design requirements.

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